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Guide to Austria on a Budget

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

If you're looking to have an awesome experience in Austria, without spending too much, then you're in the right place!

I came to Austria as a solo female traveler, looking to get freelance work done along the way, and didn't want to spend too much during the week I was there.

Luckily, Austria is way less expensive than Tel Aviv so I was already off to a good start!

I was able to keep my travel costs low by using public transportation, grocery shopping and sticking to budget hotels that had a great location.

Travel Expenses in Austria

Here were the travel expenses I had for my 6 day trip to Austria while visiting Vienna, Salzburg and Zell Am See:

Airport to Vienna: €4.6

Vienna to Salzburg: €58

Salzburg to Zell Am See: €16

Zell Am See to Vienna: €64

Vienna to Airport: €5

Total: €147.6 / ₪526.98

The train experience I had in Austria was nothing short of amazing. They are incredibly clean and well kept. The ticket purchasing system was very clear and easy to use, and the trains were always exactly on time. I highly recommend using the public transportation! OBB trains also have onboard wifi (don't fall for the 1st class tickets online), the whole train gets wifi.

Accommodation Expenses in Austria

Here are the expenses for 6 nights in Austria:

Vienna 2 Nights: €120 / ₪431

Salzburg 1 Night: €51 / ₪182

Zell Am See 2 Nights: €164 / ₪587

Vienna 1 Night: €46 / ₪164

Total: €381 / ₪1,364

In Vienna I stayed in Goldene Spinne Hotel, which I highly recommend for it's location. In Salzburg I stayed at Wolfgang a&o Hostel, which I also recommend for it's value for price. At Zell Am See I stayed at Hotel Traube, which I highly recommend for location (!!!) and service. Lastly, I had one last night in Vienna before my flight back at a&o Vienna and it was horrible. Not recommended at all.

Grocery Expenses Austria:

I had so much fun grocery shopping in Austria. Since I live in Tel Aviv, currently the world's most expensive city to live in, I had a field day everyday at the grocery store! I am newly vegan, I make an exception just with honey, and it turns out Vienna is super vegan friendly! So that's good to know if that's something you're interested in.

On day 1, I purchased peanut butter and honey. This ended up being a lifesaver throughout the trip. All I needed was a piece of bread and I could whip myself up a quick breakfast or snack. I also bought bananas, avocados and chips for easy snacks.

I didn't have a fridge so I didn't have an option for coffee other than to purchase outside. I also have two cups a day and sometimes I went for the vegan sandwich as well if I was super hungry and not back at the hotel with my food.

Here were my daily purchases:

Grocery Shopping Day 1: €15

Starbucks Day 1: €4

Grocery Shopping Day 2: €13

Starbucks Day 2: €9

Grocery Shopping Day 3: €13

Starbucks Day 3: €13

Grocery Shopping Day 4: €13

Coffee Day 4: €4

Grocery Shopping Day 5: €9

Coffee Day 5: €4

Grocery Shopping Day 6:

Coffee Day 6: €4


Food: €63

Coffee: €48

€111 / ₪396.31

TIP: When grocery shopping, make sure to take into account the utensils you have access to at the hotel. I made sure to purchase a fork and spoon and I used my Starbucks bucks cup for a salad bowl.

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