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About Me

What You Need to Know

I grew up in Eugene, Oregon with two younger siblings, an Israeli mom and an All-American dad. At 16 I was finishing my senior year of highschool when I suddenly decided to look into Universities in Israel. I applied to one university, got accepted, and booked a ticket. The separation from my family was hard and continues to be difficult at times but I know I have grown in so many ways that wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for this major transition. I am writing this blog because I love telling stories and sharing my opinion/perspective on just about anything. This blog is for me to talk about travel (glamorous trips abroad and backdoor camping), food (made by me, geniuses from Pinterest, takeout and eatout), fashion (to justify my online shopping addiction), health (this is mainly going to be a section dedicated solely to motivate me to do shit so I'll have something to write about, and life (transitions, languages, struggles, successes, and goals).

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