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A Dream Vacation at Amatara Wellness Resort

Updated: May 28, 2022

*Gallery at the end of the post*

I want to start by saying, with no exaggeration, my stay at Amatara Wellness Resort was a life-altering experience.

Amatara Wellness Resorts is one of those places that you wake up early, full of energy, and excited to take on the day.

From the moment you walk into the resort, you feel as though you’ve entered a whole other world. There are sounds of birds pleasantly chirping, water rushing from the fountains around the resort, and just all-consuming calmness in the air.

The Resort

Imagine waking up each morning eager to start the day. The sun is already starting to creep into the window, you order a cup of coffee from room service and sit on your balcony, welcoming the day with the sound of birds singing. You get dressed, go up to the yoga studio, stretch your body and breathe, all with a view out over a vast tropical land. You feel happy, satisfied, and now you're on your way to an expansive and healthy breakfast overlooking the sea. This is real life, right??

Every aspect of Amatara resort was above and beyond, I didn’t feel as though I was staying in a hotel rather I was having an experience.

I didn’t want to leave, not for sight seeing, not for food, not for anything. I found so much joy in just walking around the resort, sitting by the infinity pool and eating food from their endless healthy options menu.

Which by the way, the room service was not only extremely healthy and delicious, but super cheap. We’re talking actual Thailand prices, not resort prices. I think we ordered room service a total of 6 separate times during the duration of our stay.

Throughout our stay at Amatara I would stop for a second and think to myself, oh my god, I am so lucky to be here.


If you're a lover of aesthetics then get ready to go crazy. The resort is surrounded by greenery, water fountains, palm trees and pretty birds. You are literally inside of a tropical paradise! And I don't even know where to start when it comes to the rooms... I took pictures of every corner of our room so I could come home and hopefully build my future home around their designs! The rooms are so welcoming, cozy and yet airy and breezy at the same time. They are open, spacious and luxurious. The perfect place to fall asleep in and wake up to.

Recommended for

I really recommend Amatara for couples that want a few days in Thailand to relax and enjoy their time with one another. If you’re going to sightsee Phuket then I would do it while staying at a different hotel since I think that it would be a total miss not to soak up every moment on the resort! Seriously, it’s that great!

While you’re there, I definitely recommend taking a yoga class. I am horrible at yoga and I usually leave feeling worse than when I went in. Yet, this was the first time I left feeling AMAZING and even "elevated" afterwards and put me in a full state of relaxation.

If I could, I would go back tomorrow.

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