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Discover Zell Am See (Non Ski Edition)

Buckle up! This is a gem that has yet to be discovered and I'm excited to share this location with you. To start, here's a gallery of some shots I got on the just TWO days I spent here!


A winter wonderland!! I could actually cry from the sheer beauty instilled in this place.

My heart felt so warm and happy, I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face for even a second. Keep in mind, people usually come to Zell Am See for the skiing and I came for the views!!

Getting There

I arrived by OBB train from Salzburg to Zell Am See. It took a little over an hour and a half, and cost 17 euros. The train was an awesome method of travel for all of Austria, and this leg of the trip was no different. If anything, the drive was incredibly gorgeous! I took endless pictures and videos outside the window during the entire ride, I couldn't help myself, the snow was so apocalyptic!

Where to Stay

sunset over alps
View of the Sunset from my room at Hotel Traube

I came to Zell Am See solo, and very last minute. So with nothing planned, and no one to help me carry my bags 😉, I took one of the last places available that was close to the train station.

I stayed at Hotel Traube, a cute little place cozied up inside Zell Am See, near the train station and RIGHT on the lake. This ended up being a huge plus for me during my time there. The place is very quaint and clean. I definitely recommend this stay for a short duration. It's location and staff are awesome and you have access to a sauna so you can defrost after your time in the snow.

What to Do

Coffee and snowflakes!!! I spent two full days in Zell Am See and they were completely spent wandering around the lake with a hot cup of coffee.

On the first day, it was all clear skies, and I got gorgeous views of the alps peering over the lake. The whole village was covered with fresh snow and it was so much fun walking around, watching the train cruise by and throw snow all around, birds swimming around on the lake and frozen icicles forming on all the trees and bushes.

It was a photographers DREAM. I literally couldn't put my camera down!

And then in the evening, after I warmed up in the sauna and sat in my room with a grocery-store-bought dinner, I viewed the most insane sunset I have ever seen in my entire life. No joke, it was insaneeeee! It's the image in the section above :)

On the second day, I woke up to a full on snow blizzard. It was like I was 10 years old again, running to the window and yelling to my mom asking if school was cancelled.

The alps were gone from view and I couldn't see further than a meter from my face, but it was a whole new kind of gorgeous! It was such a special experience, I felt like I was walking around in a snow globe. The birds were still swimming around on the lake and now you could only see just a few meters far.

I took my camera, and my thermo with coffee from the local shop, and spent another day wandering around the lake!

Truly an unforgettable experience. I recommend Zell Am See to anyone traveling to Austria, regardless if you're going for skiing!

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