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Blue Light Glasses

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Blueeee light glasses! The holy grail glasses that relieve strain on the eyes from long hours of looking at screens. I have wanted blue light glasses for the longest time. Since I'm a content creator and social media manager at work and a blogger at home (and a part time Netflix binger), these glasses were a definite must.

After seeing literally hundreds of options at cheaper stores like Ale-hop and online at Amazon, I felt so overwhelmed and ended up continuously putting them off. Then @hellofashionblog on Instagram posted a story about these blue light glasses from Amazon and after reading the hundreds of good reviews, I placed an order (they shipped to Israel -- which is not super common on Amazon).

Okay, now for the review. They are SO cute, but for me, they don't work. Honestly, I've even begun to have more frequent headaches since using them! I'm not sure why, but maybe my eyes just aren't used to having a filter over them...

Long hours of looking at screens can be so damaging to your eyes. It makes it even worse if you're continuously switching between different size screens (ie computer to phone to TV to phone to computer and on and onnn) which I think most of us do. Obviously the best solution would be to just spend less time with screens but if you (like me), don't really have that option then blue light glasses is the second thing to try.

I don't know if the glasses are making the screen time less damaging to my eyes, but it's definitely not helping with my headaches. They are so cute though that I almost wouldn't mind wearing them with false lenses.

Anyways, I got mine here. And like you can see in the selfie below I got the leopard print. They didn't work for me unfortunately but they do have so many wonderful reviews that maybe for you they will. If you try them out let me know what you think!

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