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Zimmer over the desert, Israel

Oh my god, I know I could totally let the pictures talk for themselves but I just have to share our experience. Just an hour from Tel Aviv and 15 minutes from both Jerusalem and the Dead Sea this place was tucked on a cute little hill in such a prime spot. We arrived to the Zimmer (rental villa) and instantly had our breath taken away by the view. I MEAN LOOK AT IT!

It's February so naturally the weather is much cooler. Yet, we got super duper lucky to have nice enough weather to enjoy being outside. The pool was far from being heated and when I 'dipped' in it was a straight POLAR FREAKING PLUNGE. I think this place has to be an absolute gem in the summertime to cool off from the summer desert heat but even with that being said, the zimmer also has an indoor jacuuuuuuzzzi! Whoop whoop! I live for jacuzzis. If I could take one every night before bed, I would. And ours was fit perfect inside our cute little jacuzzi with a TV to boot! Needless to say I took 6, S-I-X!, jacuzzis over the weekend.

You can tell from the pictures we hadn't even unpacked yet and I had the jacuzzi ready to go. If you're wondering how I got such an awesome bath going with mountains of bubbles, I have a go-to soap that's job is literally only a bubble maker. You put in a dime size drop and that's enough to fill it up pretty nicely, but if you're like me and never seem to learn about size control, a really big dollop is enough to create so many bubbles they topple over the sides and fill up the entire room! Which is fun while you're in the tub and a total bummer when you get out.

On our second day in the Zimmer we decided to go for a sunrise hike and only had to get up at 6am to see the 630am sunrise. I was SO shocked that the sunrise was so late in the morning but that was so good for me! The weather was brutally cold in the morning but that's to be expected I guess in the desert during the winter. High heat summer days and low and cold nights. Unfortunately we forgot the matches for our gas portable so we weren't able to make coffee but the view was so freaking pretty it was completely forgotten! The light and then the sun peaking over the hills in the distance was so breathtaking I forgot for two seconds how cold I was!

What's really cool about this Zimmer, aside from the awesome pool, jacuzzi, and sick views, it's also super close to a lot of really cool hikes and activities like camel riding and horseback riding. So if you get bored (we definitely didn't) there's a lot of other things you can do! To be honest, we had so much fun lounging outside by the pool with coffee or in the jacuzzi with Judge Judy on that we didn't have to look elsewhere for entertainment. BTDubs, another huge plus to the zimmer is the electric barbeque that can be used at your disposal. Needless to say we gassed that baby up several times during our stay.

Conclusion? This stay will forever be unforgettable.

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