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Tishbi Winery

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Tishbi winery restaurant was hands down one of the best restaurants I've eaten at in Israel. It's a bold statement but it's well deserved.

I'm a huge fan of wineries because of the views and the wine. So , at first, when we got to Tishbi Restaurant I was a little bummed that it wasn't along any hillside of long vineyard fields but once the food arrived.... I couldn't see a few inches farther than my plate, so it didn't even matter!

When we got our menus we immediately asked for the waitress' opinion and sent out an order for the grilled eggplant, herbs focaccia, sea bream carpaccio, beer bread with camembert cheese and wine jam, margarita pizza and dessert to come at the end. (At the bottom of this post I highlighted the appetizers on the menu),

And obviously we had to get wine.. like, this is the whole reason why we're all here, right? This is when she tells us that their wine is sold as 20 SHEKELS for a LITER and is poured straight from their barrels. Like, WHAT?! Sign. Me. Up. We ordered first white wine and later red. More on that soon.

What is heaven on a platter you ask? It's a dead tie between the beer bread and sea bream carpaccio.

Daniel admitted that the beer bread isn't something he would have ordered based on the menu description (I totally would have being from Oregon where even my dad makes beer bread), and I admitted the sea bream carpaccio isn't something I would have ordered.

Here's to taking recommendations!

Let's start with the beer bread. Perfect bite sized pieces of fried beer bread topped with a small smear of sweet wine jam and a piece of soft camembert cheese. Heaven in a bite. There's nothing that can go wrong with crunchy, salty, sweet and soft all at once.

If your eyes don't naturally shut and a small groan comes out when you take a bite, I'll literally take this whole post down. It's amazing.

Next, the sea bream carpaccio. Even just typing this my mouth is already starting to water. The PERFECT combination of sour and spice. Every bite had my juices going.

The herbs focaccia came in perfectly to wipe up the last of the juices, and trust me, you'll want to.

All this food paired with their straight-from-the-barrel white wine was just the absolute most amazing culinary experiences I could have asked for. I went for wine and a simple cheese platter and left with an unforgettable memory of tastes on my buds. Literally.

Now, wine. We finished the entire liter of white wine and got started on a liter of their red. I could probably make a separate post on their wine alone.

I'm no wine connoisseur but that wine goes down SMOOTH.

So smooth and so tasty. They both paired perfectly with everything we ate, we took another 2 liters home!

Lastly, came the dessert. We told the waitress to surprise us and she came back with a dessert we probably wouldn't have picked out ourselves (it didn't look like much), but holy YUM balls! This pistachio dessert was next freaking level. I don't even know how to describe it other than the fact that we finished all of it and were still left wanting more.


I highlighted here on the left the appetizers we took. Again, the "Beer Pastry & Camembert" and "Sea Bream Carpaccio" are total MUSTS!

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