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Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem (Warning: Pictures Will BLOW Your Mind)

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I was invited to stay the night at Inbal Hotel last week, and since then, I've recommended it to about every single soul I know.

Here's why.

Behind every corner and in every detail, you'll hear yourself saying, "... WOW!"

Already when you walk into the entrance of the hotel, it's clear you're crossing over the threshold of a 5-star hotel.

Let's talk location! I arrived to the Inbal Hotel after a FULL day traveling around by foot, train and bus. You better believe that after a full day touring the city in the sun and a three hour wine tasting tour, I was not looking for anyyyyy complications on my way to the hotel.

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. The Inbal Hotel has several bus stops just across the street. (I totally recommend hitting up the Montefiore Windmill during your stay at the hotel - it's super close and a definite MUST!).

Okay... Now, VIEWS! Views, oh views, how much I adore you!

I am a stickler for views. I'm okay with sleeping in a cardboard box if it means I get to see amazing views both during the day and at night. Luckily for me, I got amazing views and my room was FARRR better than a cardboard box!

I mean, look at this. This is a WOW view:

Take it whenever you want it. Morning, afternoon, evening, night? This view is absolutely breathtaking during all times of the day, each in their own way. Who knew Jerusalem was so green??

But, wait! Hold up a sec. I'm getting way ahead of myself!

Let's take you a couple steps back in off the balcony and into my room.

Inbal Hotel has totally created new high standards when it comes to a suite at a 5-star hotel. My suite was just incredible. I walked in and it was clear I couldn't soak it all up at once because it took me two trips to the bathroom to realize I have the biggest bathtub ever and another 10 minutes to realize the huge mirror on the wall in the bedroom is actually a TV!

A fresh bowl of fruits was waiting for me next to the couch along with a cute anti-corona kit with masks, alcohol gel and alcohol wipes. Such a simple and sweet gesture to go a little bit further.

But I know what you're all wondering...

How was the BATHTUB?!

Amazing. Obviously.

If the tub wasn't enough, a huge rain shower is right alongside it to give you the best of both worlds 😍. And if I forgot to mention it, the bathroom is fully stocked with AHAVA shower essentials.

What's the next thing you check while searching for a hotel?

BREAKFAST, of course!

And boy, was this one heck of a breakfast. I might have gone way overboard when it came to picking out my breakfast, but hey, that's what's awesome about buffets.

Before I show you what I indulged on, I have to say they were great at keeping things very Corona-friendly. All the guests were required to wear gloves and keep their masks fully on while in the buffet area.

With that being said, let's talk about the endlesssss options!

Endless. Options.

I had everything from sweet to salty, veggies to pancakes, granola to eggs, coffee to grapefruit juice. There was anything I could have wanted and everything I didn't know I needed.

To sum it all up, Inbal Hotel was simply WOW. They really hit the mark when it comes to location, service, cleanliness, views and breakfast. I'm honestly so shocked this was my first time coming to this hotel, it should definitely be on everyone's radar. So, hey! Looking for a hotel in Jerusalem?

I think you know there's one clear answer: Inbal Hotel.


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