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Top 3 Places to Brunch in Tel Aviv


Located in the literal heart of Tel Aviv on Rotschild Boulevard, DaDa&Da is my favorite place to brunch. Especially during friday morning/afternoon before Shabbat this area is SO alive with tons of people and tourists. Be aware that there's usually at least a 30 minute wait for a table on Friday (but it's the same everywhere). I'm a huge fan of eggs benedict and DaDa&Da always seem to nail it. Not only that but their caesar salad is so freaking delicious I can't not order it everytime I go. Daniel always orders the shnitzel and mashed potatoes claiming its the "best shnitzel" he's ever eaten. This is a HUGE compliment especially from an Israeli who eats it on the daily. They also have really tasty cocktails that go so awesomely with brunch. Daniel favors the Arak cocktail and I always ask them to surprise me ;). In this specific picture I went with white wine. Classy, right? To sum up, DaDa&Da have a really awesome brunch selection, great cocktails to accompany, and a super fun vibe.

Cafe Nimrod

Every Cafe Nimrod branch is amazing and their entire menu is absolutely delicious. So it's super recommended for every meal, not just brunch. But their breakfast/brunch is AMAZING. The first thing on the menu is the "Couple's Breakfast" which is this crazy tower of cheeses, dips, salsas, salads and comes with eggs however you want them for each person, bread, croissants, and both a hot and a cold drink (like coffee and orange juice). There's nothing in this breakfast that's missing.

Max Brenner

Max Brenner is known for their bomb hot chocolates and desserts but little would you guess that their brunches are also something to rave about. I think one of the awesome parts of this breakfast is the nice solid dish of chocolate to finish off with! This breakfast definitely has a lot less salad and dip choices than at Cafe Nimrod but the cheeses, bread and tuna salad is all you eat anyways. And as long as you're here, you might as well try the hot chocolate too! (There are Max Brenner branches everywhere in Tel Aviv, they're all great, my favorite is in Sarona Market for the super chill European vibes).

So there you have it, my top three brunch spots in Tel Aviv.

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