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The Golden Camping Trip (for Israel) List

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Every time we go camping we always end up forgetting something. The last couple times I decided to create a list and add to it while we were there to make sure that next time we were super duper prepared. So here it is, the complete camping list:

1. Tent (duh)

2. Straw mat for underneath and entrance to the tent

3. Sleeping bags/blankets/pillows

4. Foam mat to sleep on (optional)

5. Book

6. Bluetooth, wireless speaker

7. Portable gas stove

8. Cooler

9. Ice

10. Snacks

11. Water

12. Plastic plates/silverware

13. Bug Spray

14. Flashlight

15. Trash bag

16. Paper towels/toilet paper

17. Lighter

18. Warm Socks

19. Cards/Boardgame

20. Knife

21. Coffee and sugar

22. Little pot for heating up water

23. Little pan for cooking

24. Easy food to cook (eggs, oatmeal...)

25. Change of clothes

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