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Skydiving with SkyKef in Israel

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In Israel there are three main places to go skydiving. The beach in the Central area of Israel (merkaz), the desert at the airport in Be'er Sheva and in the South in Eilat. We went skydiving in Be'er Sheva and to be completely honest I would have prefered either of the other two places in terms of views. But SkyKef did not disappoint! For both of us this was the first time skydiving. I had always wanted to go and every time we travelled or had a big celebration I looked into it. Finally for Daniel's 24th birthday, I went for it! I decided on SkyKef in Be'er Sheva since it was on our way to Eilat and I thought it would be a fun surprise in the middle of our road trip.

The workers at SkyKef were great. They gave a quick and thorough explanation of how it's going to work , we got strapped in, and soon enough we were on the plane! I really thought that on the way up I would start panicking or maybe have butterflies flapping around in my stomach while looking out the window but I think I was waiting so long for this that I was just SO excited! We went up 12,000 feet and then they opened up the huge ass door. We were on a flight with a bunch of free jumpers and before we jumped off we watched about 8 others backflipping off fearlessly! I think this helped the actual moment when it came to my turn!

My guide edged up to the end and I had my head and neck resting on his shoulder so I couldn't see the drop to come. A second later, he pushed off and we were FALLING! It was insanely awesome. Almost unreal, It was like I was in a VR experience! I legit think that I saw the curvature of the earth. The freefall ended so quickly when the parachute was let out I would honestly go a million times again just to experience those crazy few minutes over & over again!

The final part of the experience was also super great! The guides let you direct the parachute from left to right and also looptyloe's! The view was great (albeit being just the desert) and made me excited to. try skydiving again!

You have two different options for filming when skydiving with SkyKef: 1. The guide can attach a GoPro to his wrist and 2. There can be an extra jumper that skydives with you to film your freefall! We chose option 2 because I wasn't so interested in a. close up on me screaming my heart out!

Check out our video below!

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