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Ninh Binh Must Visit Cafe

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Phong Cafe in Ninh Binh, Vietnam is the creme de la creme! The emmy winning coffee house of coffee houses.

Courtesy of tripadvisor

We found this cute little cafe on Tripadvisor and were surprised when we arrived and saw the neon "Fast Food • Pizza • Pasta". But we were pleasantly surprised! So much so we ended up going there another two times (and this is coming from two travellers who always love to mix things up and try new places). The family who run this cafe (they live upstairs!!) serve absolutely amazing food, give the best and friendliest service and have created just such a lovely environment to drink a cup of coffee, share a shake or eat some fried noodles! I think the moment that turned this little coffee shop into such a memorable spot was when we had went there to eat dinner and I had ordered fried noodles with beef and Daniel ordered with chicken. A few minutes after making the order we saw the husband grab his helmet and run out the front of the cafe to his motorcycle. The wife had brought us a couple of cocktails and Daniel and I just sat and talked about the day we had just experienced. 15-20 minutes later the husband returned with groceries that were missing and needed for our dinner! Rather than asking us to pick something else on the menu, he had gone all the way out to buy the ingredients!

The most memorable feature of this Coffee House for Daniel was the coffee. He still talks about it until today! I'm going to sound silly describing the coffee but it was basically a americano with some SUPER thick and sweet cream on the side that Daniel says he has yet to see anywhere else.

I just checked and this place is hotter than ever and pops up first for the list of restaurants in Ninh Binh on tripadvisor. So it seems that we're not the only ones to leave Phong Coffee with full bellies and sweet leftovers on their lips!

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