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Ninkasi or Hop Valley?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

I won't make you read this whole thing to let you know that I choose BOTH! I loved them both so much and I wouldn't choose one over the other. I recommend hitting them both up.

Let's remember that I am a WINO, not a BEERO. So my very very underdeveloped palate for 'beer tasting' doesn't have any swing in my experience. I am judging off of straight up -- vibes. I went to Ninkasi with my parents one evening and to Hop Valley after a spa day with my mom.


We were there during trivia night ~~ which sounds super awesome, fun and maybe even doable but it's not! I mean, it was definitely super awesome AND fun, but definitely not doable. For some reason I was imaging the trivia to be about only things I know about -- why did I assume this? -- because the world revolves around me, right? I was ready for some The Office trivia, Harry Potter, or maybe some T Swift ?? Nooooopeee. We were getting thrown questions like "where's the highest point of altitude in the US" or "name the voices of 6 Simpsons characters". Needless to say, we tanked. But the place was super duper cool with an outdoor fireplace and lots of outdoor seating with tons of super interesting beers to choose from.

Hop Valley:

Hop Valley was delicious. It was so freaking tasty. We went during Happy Hour and got some solid deals and our waiter was super chill, both making the experience so much fun. We got Jalapeno Poppers, Cesar Salads and Wings. Heavveeenn. 10/10 would recommend.

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