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Microblading in Israel: Yay or Nay?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

When and why did microblading become a thing? I have no idea, but it did! And I went ahead and got it done. Total disclaimer: rather than look for someone based off of good reviews and reliable experience, I went straight to a reality TV star I hardcore fangirled and wanted to hear dirty behind-the-scenes details. I paid the price for this consideration-lacking decision for about 9 months following the treatments.

I have very light toned eyebrows that don't really need to be plucked or waxed since it all kind of grows in place and is blonde enough that any misplaced hairs isn't very noticeable. I wanted to do microblading for a couple reasons, I wanted my eyebrows to be darker and have sharper contrast to my skin tone and I wanted them to look natural and not need any extra 'filling in'. After the first session, you look like an idiot for the first 48 hours because your eyebrows look drawn on with a fat marker. Then that starts to fade and within a week/week and a half your eyebrows start to look like you did nothing to them. After your second visit (one month after the first) the same thing starts to happens until about a month later when they start to come back in nicely and natural. So if you freak out during the first 48 hours that you look like a clown, it's okay. So did I. And if you freak out during that first week that it all disappeared and you spent way too much money for no reason, it's okay. So did I.

The microblading part itself was a bit uncomfortable and at times, painful. She did put numbing gel on but I didn't feel as though it did SO much to block the pain. It could possibly be that her numbing gel wasn't the best or that I am too sensitive! She did the first treatment with a 'knife' to create individual lines that will help make the overall look be natural and look like eyebrow hairs. This did make it look like a cat scratched up my brows until she filled it in on the second treatment. The second treatment she filled in the brows with an ink machine pen.

Four months after my second treatment and my eyebrows look great! They are a full (but not overdone) shape, with realistic lengths and start/end points and enough time has gone by that I have forgotten the discomfort and would be willing to go again! I still have girls asking me if I got them done and where since they look so natural, yet nice. It did take about a solid month for them to look normal and not over the top ridiculous but it did eventually look a lot better. I think it took about nine months for me to feel the most comfortable with them. My skin is generally more of the oily type so they're not supposed to last as long for me, but even with that being said I think their lifetime can range from a year to a year and a half.

Day 1 (Holy Brows):

Day after (How did I not take a sick day):

2 Months After (Definitely better, still super strong for my taste):

3 Months After:

4 Months After:


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