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3 Reasons to Book A Night at Zamarin

So, originally when I first started to look for a night to stay in Zichron Yaakov, I wasn't intending on finding much.

The main purpose of the weekend was to find a place near enough to a winery so Daniel and I could go, day drink, and have a place close by that we could get to safely and continue to relax, as the Italians do in Tuscany. ;)

With that in mind we decided to look for a place in Zichron Yaakov - which is about an hour drive North of Tel Aviv - and super close to like 4 different wineries! This is when we landed on Zamarin. A cute boutique hotel with glowing reviews, and the reviews definitely held! Here's why Zamarin ended up playing a much bigger part in our weekend:


Okay, so like I mentioned before, I was really only looking for a place we could safely get back to after spending the day at the winery, but like WOW. First an foremost, the entire room was super clean, tidy and beautifully done (the same can be said for all of the hotel). Our room had just about the classiest bathroom you could imagine. Frosted glass walls that housed a seriously gorgeous bathtub that got used not once, not twice but FOUR times while our under 24 hour stay! (I love bathtubs!). Seriously: Just look at it!!

The room also had a cute little balcony, which really was super small but it was perfect for eating breakfast on - which is exactly what we did! I usually really don't like hotel breakfasts and prefer to drive to somewhere nearby ( I don't do buffets) but this was something else! Our breakfast was made just for us, and brought to our room (we decided this when we checked in, you have several options on where to eat and at what time). Check it:

Last, it might be a silly point to make, but the room had an espresso machine. This isn't something we would usually look twice at, but we ended up using it several times while we were there. It was perfect for after our post-winery nap and again in the morning. And if TV is important to you, there's a huge, high-quality TV setup with cable ;).


So if you're looking for a quick getaway, with full intentions on going to a winery, the first reason I recommend staying at Zamarin for the night is LOCATION! Zamarin is located just a 6 minute drive from Tishbi Winery. Six minutes. Some other things nearby: Nike Factory Store (I am always down for some Nike deals) and Doris Katzavim (דוריס קצבים), a nice place for a meat dinner that is open on Friday nights.

For more info on Tishbi winery (hands down one of the best in Israel, check out my separate blog post here).


I'm sure every single person reading this can agree that good hospitality is so important and can totally make a difference in your stay. Well Zamarin has just about the best hospitality you could ask for. I'm gonna name her by name, just because she's just the greatest and I hope you all get the chance to meet her during your stay, Jodi! Jodi was the cutest and sweetest. She went really out of her way to make our arrival awesome. She left us a cute welcoming gift in the room and ordered us taxis each time we needed it (Yango doesnt exist and Gett is barely existing in Zichron). She also was super extra and even went into our room and retrieved something for us and sent it to the winery after we totally left it behind. The hotel is very boutique-y and has only about 10 or 11 rooms so you know you're going to get all the attention you could possibly need!

To sum it up - it was totally perfect for what we went to accomplish and gave us even just a little bit more. We took room 8 for anyone looking to have the same bathtub ;).


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