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From Old to New: Actual Life Hack

Finally I've outgrown the "let me buy every cheap, huge ass, bold earrings I see at Forever 21/H&M" stage. I have officially graduated to choosing quality over quantity when it comes to my jewelry and my ear holes are so thankful! However, this means that just buying a new pair that looks the exact same as the old when they get dirty/used is no longer a viable (or explainable) option.

Last year I bought stud circle earrings for $50 for 'day-to-day' use. Day-to-day use inevitably led to them getting a build up of muck and disgustingness. Full disclosure, I don't remove jewelry (except my watch) when I take showers, go to the gym and go to sleep. This is a habit I promise I am trying to break! Anyways, let's get back to the disgusting earrings. They got so nasty that they even started to smell. So I took them out, put them aside and started wearing a different pair of everydayers. One day last week, I caught myself looking at the EXACT same earrings at the store. And thought to myself: "are you really going to spend money on earrings you already have just because they are dirty?!". So instead I told the salesgirl my issue and she said to try cleaning them with >>>>TOOTHPASTE AND A TOOTHBRUSH<<<<! So I came home, and got to work.

Here are the results:

It works! and they come out the other end smelling awesome and clean!

I am so happy I gave this a try before buying the exact same earrings again. It also took three seconds to wash. And another plus is the 'tools' needed for cleaning them isn't expensive at all. If you, like me, already have an extra toothbrush laying around then that's even better! This is a 'life hack' that actually works and I will probably be using several more times in the future.

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