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Eyelash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

Yes, I've fallen for the eyelash extensions trend. I've officially done it twice, which means I'm familiar but definitely not an expert. The first time I did it was last September (Trial I) and again, now, third week of December (Trial II). On the day of Trial I, I had also done microblading the SAME day - which is a whole post on it's own, but let me just start with definitely not recommending doing two dramatic things to your face at once. My two experiences with getting eyelash extensions were so completely different that my response about whether or not I recommend eyelash extensions has been separated to: "Trial I and Trial II".

Trial I

Unfortunately, my first experience was the absolute worst. And since it was my first time, I didn't even see all the signs that pointed to it all going wrong. My friend and I originally scheduled an appointment with a well-known french cosmetic girl in Tel Aviv TWO months ahead of time. Day before, she reached out explaining she had to cancel since she had an emergency back home. We then had to find someone that would have two last minute availabilities. We found this girl that takes appointments in her home, and has an Instagram and Facebook full of good reviews, great pictures and two availabilities that week so we said - alright, let's go for it. I had my appointment first, and I was just coming from microblading, which means I was already coming from an appointment filled with serious pain.

Now, eyelash extensions shouldn't hurt when they're being done, but I didn't really know that when I went to my appointment. The first pain came from her taping down my bottom lashes (that even took her a few goes), and then again, her inserting the individual lashes was so uncomfortable. I could actually feel each one get pricked inside, also not normal. She was going on and on about using the "best" products, lashes, glue and method and warned about needing to be careful of all the girls out there that have no idea what they're doing. When we finished she gave me a mirror, and OH NO. That's literally the first thing and only thing I thought while holding that hand mirror and trying to mask my horror while she watched for my reaction. Like an idiot, I just smiled and said "oh, wow! it looks great, thank you...". She gave me some "eyelash brushes", took $110 dollars (400 shekels), and sent me on my way with my overdone, drag queenesque, heavy set of new lashes that looked completely fake and -- did I say overdone?

Afterwards --

I COULDN'T SEE. Legit, could. not. see. I wouldn't even drive because of how blurry my vision was. It was as if I suddenly and severely needed glasses. They were itchy, watery, and irritated from the hour after they got done until the last lash fell out. And if you don't already know, they can't be plucked out (without avoiding pain and taking out my own lashes). So until they ran their course, I was walking around with this black blur/film on the top of my eyesight that was caused from the pure heaviness of the lashes she put on. Another thing to mention here is that a week after getting them done I had a GAPING hole of lashes on one eye. Eyelash extensions (when done right) should last anywhere between 4-5 weeks. One of my eyes lasted barely a week, even though I was glad to be rid of the shitty lashes sooner than later, it stood to show that this girl had no idea what she was doing.

Trial II

Now, understandably, I wasn't too excited to be trying eyelash extensions again. But my friend had found another French girl that is friends with the first girl we had originally wanted to go to last time. I also had our trip to Madrid and my birthday coming around the corner and wanted to have nice and pretty lashes. And thank goodness I decided to give it another shot because this experience was aaahhh-maaaa-zing! She was so cute and so obviously experienced. Like a PRO she taped down my bottom lashes, inserted the lashes with no pain or puncturing feeling, and they came out gorgeous. When she handed me the hand mirror at the end I didn't even have to fake a compliment! She inserted varying lashes of different lengths that ended up giving the final look so natural and chic. It was one of those "did she get eyelash extensions or does she just naturally have gorgeous lashes?!". There was no discomfort after the fact, NO blurriness, no itchiness, heaviness or impairment of vision and it cost a much lower price of $80 (300 shekels). My lashes lasted in great condition for three weeks, which is obviously a huge improvement from the Trial I.


✓Put a lot of effort and research into cosmeticians work before going. If someone you know knows someone and has had a great experience there themselves, even better!

✓It's expensive and definitely not worth a monthly visit, but after finding the right place to get them done, it's great to get them done for special occasions.

✓If it's hurting, something is not right.

If you're in Israel and wanting a great place to get them done and for a poppin' price, reach out to @sarah_lashes_beauty on instagram.

Here are some pics of before and after from trial 2:

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