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Making Shakshuka

Homemade Shakshuka

Shakshuka is, and probably always will be, my favorite Middle-Eastern dish. It is easy to make, suppperrr healthy, fun to tweak and absolutely delicious. So delicious even that we make Shakshuka every Friday morning.

Below I am going to share how we make Shakshuka and the different things you can add to the dish to shake it up.

For two people to eat a super full meal:

8-10 tomatoes

1-2 onions

3 garlic cloves

1 spoon of tomato paste

Spicy Paprika



4 eggs


There was a short period of time a few years ago when Daniel wasn't allowed to consume oil of any kind so we started to try and make shakshuka without putting olive oil in the pan first and instead directly putting the tomatoes in the pan. It ended up being better than ever before so it stuck! So it's your choice for the two different ways to start the dish:

First way, cut up all the tomatoes and directly place in warm pan. Then chop up onions and throw those in too. I like chopping half the onion into fine and small pieces and the other half in long skinny cuts. The second way is to put olive oil in the pan, then the onions to caramelize while you chop the tomatoes and then add them on top.

Whether you chose method one or two, the next steps are the same. Cut up garlic into thin slices and toss them in. This is the time to add any additionals (spinach, eggplant, bell peppers, etc.), we like adding in spinach and eggplant if we have the ingredients at home.

Then you add in the spices, and stir in the tomato paste. I always put as little paste as possible because there's a little bit of a sweet taste I don't like, however the Shakshuka needs the paste to hold it all together (some LOVE the paste, it really depends from person to person). I then cover the shakshuka for 5 mins and check to see if it looks ready. It looks ready when you see the onion and garlic pieces soft and the dish just looks ready - you'll know when you see it ;). I then make four dips in the dish (not until the bottom of the pan) and crack one egg in each dip. Cover the Shakshuka again and cook until the eggs reach your preferred level of softness/hardness. I like to add feta at the end before serving.

If your during the cooking process your dish looks too watery, cook for a few minutes without the cover. If it looks to dry, cook for a few minutes with a cover and if still dry, add some water.

Changes you can make/additions we've tried:

Spinach (bil first until soft and add to dish)

Eggplant (grill first for 40 mins before adding)

Bell Peppers

Variety of cherry tomatoes, yellow/red/orange (rather than regular ones, # unknown, eyeball it)

We always have bread on the side (sour, focaccia, baguette, pita), and tacchini.

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