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Discover Twin Palms in Phuket, Thailand

Twin Palms is the most perfect name for this hotel. It is literally engulfed in palm trees! So, if you’re looking for a tropical paradise vibe, then this is definitely it.

Twin Palms was our first stay when we arrived to Phuket and it was an awesome way to start the trip.

If you haven’ been to Thailand before, you’ll experience the level of hospitality that only comes from the Thai. And if you are coming back to Thailand then you will instantly be greeted with the reminder that the hospitality of the Thai might just be the very best.

We had such an incredible stay here at the Twin Palms. Our room had direct access to a smaller pool but was also open up to the pool of the hotel. Our room was also incredibly clean, stylish and comfortable.

We ate at Palm Seaside, a waterfront restaurant of Twin Palms, and their we had a few vegan options to choose from. We had both the curry and the (vegan) meat, both were really yummy! We’ve learned during our time in Thailand to be very careful with the word “spicy”. Thai “spicy” and everyone else’s version are two very different things. We found ourselves seriously burning up our whole mouth from one dish 😂

Breakfast at Twin Palms is also wonderful. The buffet area is really clean and there are a lot of options. I usually don’t like hotel breakfasts but I really enjoyed it here! And we even would take a cup of coffee in the morning and sit by the pool or out on the balcony before breakfast and it was a great way to start the day.

Near by to Twin Palms there is an ATM, 7/11, local foods, and also massages! We actually had our best massage in Thailand at a small place nearby called Ning Massage Surin Beach.

Aside from Twin Palms, we spent a half day visiting Ma Doo Bua and also taking a trek down to Freedom Beach.

Keep in mind, Freedom Beach is incredibly gorgeous, with white sand and blue waters that you look for when visiting Thailand. But the way down to the beach is extremely treacherous and I would really only recommend it to those that are healthy and able bodied. Especially if visiting on a hot day! Make sure to bring water with you and shoes that can make the way. It’s very steep in both directions and not fun to do in sandals. My friend twisted her ankle on the way down and ended up needing to bandage up her leg for the rest of the trip and had a really hard time walking afterwards! Go with caution!

To conclude, Twim Palms was a total delight! Amazing hospitality, very clean and modern, great location and a great breakfast. It’s an easy recommendation for a couple of nights in Phuket. From Phuket to Krabi it cost us 3,000 baht. From Twin Palms to Ma Doo Bua then to Freedom Beach and back cost 2,200 (the driver waited for us at each stop).

** I was hosted by Twin Palms, all opinions are my own **

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