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Blue by Danielle Steel

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Danielle Steel is one of my mom's favorite authors and now it is one of mine! I was intrigued by this book at the bookstore by the idea of a story of a love between an adult and a child.

Blue was a riveting tale of a pain strickin widow that had lost her husband and son in a car crash and had spent the three years following as human rights worker working in dangerous situations around the world for months at a time to keep her mind from the memories of her tragic past. On one of her short stays back in the states, she meets a young orphan, Blue. The book continues on to show their relationship develop overtime and how two broken people came together to help each other in ways they hadn't expected.

This book was so emotional and I was in no way interested in putting it down until it was done! Danielle Steel pulls at the heart strings and pulls off this story filled with such sensitive topics. It's a very much so recommended read (it was great for the winter nights) and is one to remember. If you read it, please let me know what you thought and what other Danielle Steel books you would recommend!

Below is more of a response on the book but only for those who read it!



Okay, woah. This book touches on suicide, sexual assault, murder and corruption. I felt this book connects all of the very real stories of sexual assaults in the Catholic Church on an emotional level. You hear about the stories all the time, but this book makes it all that more relatable. The description of the corruption in the Vatican and the struggles of victims of all ages was absolutely shocking. I couldn't put the book down until I knew how the trial would go and how the Vatican would respond. My blood pumped when her sister tried to argue with her taking care of a homeless child and going against the church (no matter what the charge) and again when the guardian of Blue completely disregarded his claims. I think Danielle beautifully ended the book with both Ginny and Blue finding happiness, wholeness and justice from one another.

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