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A Day in Jerusalem

Alright, I'll let you have it. Jerusalem IN A DAY. So you can spend the rest of your trip by the beach.

1. Start your day at Mahane Yehuda Market. This market is where you'll get some good food, try some different spices, tachina, halva and whatever else they throw into your face (literally). I don't when this habit started, but I always buy flowers when I'm in the Mahane Yehuda Market and then leave them somewhere later on in the day.

2. Then I'll walk down towards "Mamilla Avenue" which is a cute little stretch of shops and coffee houses (and is on the way to the Western Wall). Don't do any shopping just yet because it's a total pain carrying that shit around all day and my day tour brings you back to Mamilla Avenue so you can do some shopping (obviously I would never fully cut shopping out).

3. Then when you pop out the other end of Mamilla Avenue, follow the direction of the people (it will be obvious) and you'll get to "Jaffa Gate". I don't really know what it is but there are a lot of people that get hyped up about it so it's here on the list (and it's a minute or two stop/sight). Then a few meters after the Jaffa Gate you'll come up to The Tower of David.

4. If you're into museums and learning some history on your trip, The Tower of David will be a good stop for you. I recommend taking a walkie talkie thing for a tour you can take by yourself. It's a really pretty location and there's a lot of history about all the different religions and peoples that came across Jerusalem.

5. Okay. so the square you passed when going up to the Tower of David (or didn't pass if you are still coming up from Jaffa Gate), you'll have two options for getting to the Western Wall. Straight or right (towards The Tower of David). Going straight will take you through the Arab market (unofficial name), and will also be on the way to an AMAZING view point of the Western Wall. So I recommend going this route. This market has a lot of great opportunities for pictures and buying cheap souvenirs. Make sure you have cash on you because once you get in there, there's only a few rare opportunities for an ATM.

6. If you're interesting in visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, it's not a problem and it's a very short detour from the Arab market.

7. Here's to the gorgeous view of the Western Wall found at Aish HaTorah World Center. When you go in you'll be asked for a small donation (like 10 shekels per person). and you'll be led up to the 5th floor for some jaw dropping views.

8. Next you can walk down to the Western Wall. From the picture you can see the left side is for the men and the right side is for the women. Get ready to be super flustered and bumping bodies while making your way to the wall. It's well known to leave a note in the wall which is said to be a way to ask God for something (whatever it may be).

9. Usually from the Western Wall I make my way back to Mamilla Avenue for some coffee and shopping and then walk up towards Ben Yehuda for some grub.

Some tips**

  • I prefer to wear clothes that are a bit more modest when visiting Jerusalem, specifically for when I visit the Western Wall. I feel like I'm respecting the holy site a lot more and not offending the religious women and men visiting as well.

  • If you see a woman at a table with red yarn, it's an awesome part of the Jerusalem experience and you should participate! Give her a small donation and she will bless you and place the red yarn on your wrist. You will afterwards notice a lot of people around Israel with this red yarn around their wrist and you'll know where they got it from.

  • Don't eat at Cafe Rimon. It's a mistake you can't take back.

  • It gets pretty chilly in the evenings so make sure you have with you a light jacket (if you're there in the winter then make sure you wear really warm).

Good luck and have fun!

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