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Why You Should Book Rayavadee Resort

When everything you could ever want (and more) is right there.

I don’t even know where to start!! I wish I could live at Rayavadee, honestly.

I think I could stay for over a month and I still wouldn’t run out of things to do or see.

During my weekend at Rayavadee Resort, I experienced it all! I saw the most gorgeous sunsets, ate the best curry, played tennis in the middle of a jungle with monkeys running by, took a SUP out onto the water and swam in a pool overlooking the sea.

An absolute dream.

How to Arrive

It was very easy to arrive to Rayavadee from Phuket. Something I’ve learned in my time in Thailand is you never really have to worry when moving from place to place. Each transfer is easily communicated between the hotels when you check out and they arrange a taxi to take you exactly to where you need to go.

It took about 3 hours to drive from Twin Palms Hotel in Phuket to the pier in Krabi that would take us to Rayavadee. It cost 3,500 BAT for the drive by local taxi.

After we arrived at the pier, we had a 15 minute speed boat arranged by Rayavadee Resort to take us directly to the island where Rayavadee is situated.

The Resort

The level of hospitality and care by the staff at Rayavadee might be unmatched anywhere else.

We were given designated assistance, Suzy, which we were able to contact via WhatsApp with any questions or help for scheduling that we needed while we were there. This ended up being so useful and we used throughout our stay! For example, we sent her a message to make dinner reservations, to book the tennis court and to find a place close by for hair braiding.

Other notes of above and beyond care - our room was cleaned twice throughout the day. The second time being in the evening where they would turn down the bed, place slippers on each side and close all the blinds inside the pavilion.

The Room

And if we’re already talking about the pavilion, I’ll take a moment to say, WOW! Excited is an understatement. The pavilion is so unique, and beautiful. Every single one nestled into nature. You’ll hear monkeys climbing your walls at night! There are two floors, a downstairs with a sitting area and an upstairs with the bed and ultimate bathroom suite. Don't worry about bringing anything with you, chances are the products they provide you with are better than the ones you brought yourself ;).

The Activities

Although we didn’t have enough time to try out the sunset yoga, or learn Thai Boxing… We did enjoy the activities we did get to try as mentioned in the beginning. Even just riding around in the buggy from our room to the activity was an adventure!

We really enjoyed eating at the Grotto, it has a great view and great food. We went at 11am and had the place to ourselves to choose where to sit. And if you’ve seen instagram, you’ll see it’s very busy in the evenings (sometimes even fully booked by the time you arrive!).

For Thai food you have the restaurant next door. It was also delicious and with a great view but the food took over an hour to arrive and we were only one of 5 tables. If you have to choose one of the two restaurants I would choose the Grotto for experience or the ……… for great food.


Rayavadee was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I truly wish I was able to spend more time there! I felt nestled into nature with both the jungle world and the beach world at my fingertips. I felt alive and excited by so many opportunities to get active like with the SUP and tennis. If you are going to Thailand, find a way to make it to Rayavadee. I promise it will be a trip to remember and talk about for years down the line.

For booking on or direct on their website. I don't make any commission on bookings made by either link.

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