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Foodie Alert! Top 3 Restaurants in Milos

Let's cut to the chase. The reason you're visiting Greece is for the views and for the GREEK FOOD. And I am here to tell you that Greece will live up to your expectations.

Keep in mind for this foodie guide, we eat everything, with no restrictions. So, over the course of four days in Milos, and stopping at about 5 different places to eat each day, here are our top 3 places to eat in Milos, Greece:


Seafood & views

Medusa is an awesome place to eat for top quality seafood and an incredible view. Daniel had the octopus, grilled squid and I had the Medusa salad. It's important for me to add that their glasses of wine are very generous 😉. Also, I've discovered capers while eating around Greece (totally new for me) and I still can't decide whether I love it or hate it?!? Is it just me?

Taberna Ebourios

Culture & authentic food

Ohhhhh, Taberna Ebourios... What a GEM. This was my favorite place in all of Milos. I was so in love that I literally felt my body warm up and tears swell in my eyes (yes, I am that emotional). We showed up and knew from the get go that this.. this is Milos. I think a huge part in that, is that it is very far away from all of the main areas, and you really have to travel in order to get there. Totally worth it. One of the big thing I noticed missing from so many places in Greece restaurants, was music. Like, hellllooooo?! Where is my real life Mamma Mia villagers singing through the streets? Okay so at Taberna Ebourios it wasn't quite Mamma Mia, but it was definitely real Greek music and totally completed the vibe. The restaurant also sits right on the water. Literally RIGHT on the water. To the point that we took our shoes off and put them on the chair next to us so our feet could play in the water below our table. The food was awesome. So freaking awesome. The burekas with honey (classic Greek dish) was so delicious I tried to eat it as slowly as I could to save it. Same goes for the Greek Salad, the rabbit and the desert... Oh my goodness the desert with espresso.. Take me back PLEASE! Unfortunately & fortunately, I really didn't take any pictures. I was so caught up in the moment I literally didn't even think of it. I promise... It is so worth it. Also, get the wine.

Image from Compass + Twine


Vibes & unique experience

Your food gets cooked in the sand. Talk about getting your culinary experience right there! We got the duck and it was exquisiteeeeee. Truly delicious. We didn't end up ordering anything else since it was a short stop along our day plans, and honestly I feel like it was perfect. The place itself is super stylish, total beach vibes (as it sits on the beach too) and awesome designs. It was definitely worth trying some "volcanic food" and have a cold drink before continuing along.

There you have it! Our top 3 picks from Milos, Greece. Here are a couple more we recommend checking out:

O! Hamos! Tavern

Super romantic and unique outdoor seating. Wait time usually over an hour! I recommend going for a birthday and mentioning it to the waiter 😉.

Enalion Restaurant

Super yummy. I liked the hummus salad and definitely want to try and replicate it at home.

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