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3 Day Itinerary for Milos, Greece!

From the popular instagram hotspots, to the real, authentic side of Greece. Get it all in this three day itinerary! For starters, three days is perfect for Milos. You really don't need any more to feel like you got it all!

Day 1: Instagram Hotspots

What can you do, they're popular for a reason! Be aware, Milos is a small island, so the same top places are mentioned on every blog and travel instagram account. Which means there will probably be a lot of other tourists there too. You've been warned 😉

Stop 1: Pollonia

The three main towns are Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia. Conveniently they are all within a 15 minute ride on the ATV making it super convenient to see all three in one day. Pollonia is a great, calm little town. The beach is nice (not the best) but the views are awesome. They also have two really great places to stop for a bite. Enalion restaurant, which is top rated on Tripadvisor, and a MUST is the patisserie Kivotos ton Gefseon. Get a coffee with something sweet to eat and honey to take home.

Pollonia, Greece beach water with views of mountains and boats.
Pollonia Beach

Stop 2: Sarakiniko Beach (with a small stop on the way)

On your way from Pollonia to Sarakiniko, keep your eyes peeled on the side of the road. About a minute after leaving Pollonia, you will have on your right side an area of beach that you can reach from the rocks. You'll have an area up to park where you can walk down. There might even already be a few people there to help you spot it.

Cliff jumping into sea, milos greece.
Off the Road on the way to Sarakiniko

We cliff jumped from this spot I'm standing on (and several others too). But always be careful! Conditions can change, and there isn't anyone there to help you if something were to go wrong. From there, make your way to the famous Sarakiniko Beach! This beach truly is so gorgeous and totally lives up to the hype. There were a lot of people there but the place is so vast you could probably find your own little corner. This place is a definitely a must for Milos though, for sure. The white stone is gorgeous, the views are insane and the water is blue & clear. I would put aside at least an hour here. When we were there, there was a little shack set up in the parking lot with drinks, popcicles and snacks. But I would always make sure you have your own water just in case.

For lunch/dinner you can stop at Medusa! Which made our "Top 3 Places to Eat" list for Milos. They have awesome views, super tasty food, and generous glasses of wine. Read more about it here.

Stop 3: Plaka

Sunset time! Depending on when you get there, you can spend some time walking around the main town of Milos. We got there an hour before sunset so we went straight for the Plaka Castle. There were HUNDREDS of other tourists there for the sunset. It kind of put a damper on the location. But the sunset views were gorgeous none-the-less. Afterwards, we walked down back to the town area and had a coffee at the cafe on the corner. I don't know if the moon is like literally always gorgeous in Greece no matter what, but every single night it was insane. Especially on this night.

Day 2: Getting Lost in Greece

This was easily my favorite day of Milos. For me, I enjoy getting away from the crowds and tourist hubs as much as possible and exploring the real authentic side of the place I'm in.

With a fully charged phone, backup map, water, and hats, we set off.

Stop 1: Volcanic Food at Sirocco

I think Sirocco is a great place to stop for everyone visiting Milos. This IS a restaurant on TripAdvisor so it's not exactly "local" 😉 but it's definitely unique and a great way to start the day! We ordered duck, a glass of wine and a beer to open the day. Our food was COOKED IN THE SAND. How cool?! The views are beautiful (as always) and were especially somethin somethin on the drive down to get to the restaurant.

Stop 2: Agia Kiriaki Beach

We were the ONLY ones here on the beach and it was awesome!! The waters were gorgeous, seriously see-through clear it's hard to really even fathom. It was midday so I don't really have any pictures I can share, but if you google this beach you'll see exactly what I'm talking about! And it's a great stop before setting off for a good amount of time on the road.

Stop 3: Taberna Ebourios

Okay, my favorite stop! And not only is it my favorite stop but the route to the restaurant from Agia Kiriaki Beach is AWESOME. Get ready for spending a good hour on a dirt road, winding high up in the mountains, overlooking the sea. This truly was an unbeatable experience for us! With Google Maps, you'll arrive to Taberena Ebourios. Literally ON THE WATER restaurant. It is so on-the-water that sometimes waves come by and wash up on to your feet! The food was delicious and felt so authentic and cooked "homemade". Read more on this awesome restaurant on this blog here.

Stop 4: Little Island

Sorry I can't be more descriptive!! When you leave Taberna Ebourios, take a left out of the parking lot, follow the little road out and right when it joins another dirt road, take a hard left (almost U-turn) down. You'll see it! Here is the COOLEST and most gorgeous hidden little island. Drive up, walk around, and waddle in the water. You'll find the most awesome rocks ever. If you're thinking, what is wrong with this girl, who cares about rocks!!?? Well, I'm not some rock collector but we took 8 rocks home from this place 😂. They are SO colorful and have multiple layers to them, you'll see! Daniel claims this spot was one of the most beautiful he's been in.

From here, we went home and had dinner in Adamas at O! Hamos! which was a great way to finish the day. It's outdoor sitting with a beautiful twine and string lights "ceiling".

Day 3: Boat Ride to Kleftiko

I'll start by saying Daniel got seasick right off the bat, so we ended up cutting the experience short. In Milos you have two options for a boat tour. Either you can go with a group or you can take a private boat to Kleftiko with different companies like Poseidon, the one we took.

Kleftiko is known as a MUST for visiting Milos. Which is why we went and why I am including it here. But to be honest, we didn't enjoy this experience. But I think it was our choice of going with a private boat rather than with a group. The boat came with full face goggles that were so blurry they were pointless. Which a big part of visiting Kleftiko is snorkeling to see the shipwrecks which we missed :(. Another thing we missed is getting to visit inside the caves, which most of the other boats were able to because they brought special small boats with bumpers on the sides so they could go inside. Poseidon was also extremely overpriced. They advertise as 180 euro for half a day (5 hours) and then ask for an additional 50 euro for gas when you get back. #TouristTrap. Save the money and trouble, go with a group! There are tons to choose from at the Adamas port.

Kleftiko Milos Greece, boat girl

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