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Karting is so much fun! We went somewhere that had dirt hills, dips and sharp turns with dope views of the beach. Whether you're driving or riding passenger, it's legit thrilling. We had so much fun driving around and getting stuck in ditches while sweating our asses off in the summer heat. Karting and other adrenaline attractions are a really fun way to spend the day

Drinks and Grub

Ditch the designated driver and leave the car behind! Take a bus, taxi or train out to the bars and find a place that screams "GREASY FOOD, CHEAP BEER and GOOD PEOPLE!". When neither of you has to worry about who's driving home, you open the night up to a whole butt load of new opportunities! We have so much fun taking shots together, getting beers, eating too much and dancing our way to finding a taxi home.

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This is probably best only during the warmer months, but camping is a great date idea! It's cheap and there are so many camping locations no matter where you live! Make sure to bring a few board games, extra blankets and a tiny gas stove to make sure you have a great time!

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Beach Day

Yay for beach days! Here's a list of MUSTS for an awesome beach day:

  • Cooler with:

    • drinks​

    • sandwiches

    • cut up fruits

  • Large ass blanket​

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • Books

  • Board Game

  • Sunscreen

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Bike Ride

This date also requires a good sunny day.. We like to rent bikes to take to a nearby park for a picnic and reading books! My tip for a bike ride to the park for a picnic is not to overdo the food and drinks. It's a bitch to carry and requires a ridiculous amount of dishes, utensils, napkins and it's just generally too much work and no fun. Bring cheese, crackers and wine!

Jerusalem sites 🚴🏼‍♀️🌿 To be honest,

Whether you have access to a sea or lake, going for a boat ride is crazy fun. We've done it a few times, sometimes for drinks on the sundeck, and other times for getting pulled on the back in a tube (and screaming for dear life). If you have a river nearby then I'm sure kayaking would be a very similar idea! Spending hot summer days jumping from a boat deck, listening to music and drinking bubbly is by far one of my favorite summer activities.

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Let's be real. Brunch is the best meal of the day. There's no better way to start the weekend than an awesome brunch in a new place. Try making a list of places you've heard about and want to try, and then making an effort to go once a week! Brunch is a great date for starting out your day with great food and talking over coffees and orange juice! Plus, you'll end up learning about so many different and great places in your area!

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