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Hi! I'm Danielle. 

Travel Blogger and Content Creator Expert

I disregard my intolerance to lactose, I am training for my first marathon that takes place on December 10th, 2021, I'm a travel & content blogger on Instagram, I binge watch YouTube videos on different editing techniques, I listen to podcasts on manifestation and I am now my own boss, making my own rules. I am the creator of my life and now I share my tips and tricks on how you can do it too. Or I can just recommend to you the best cafe to work from in Tel Aviv ;). Whatever you're here for, I'm glad you came.


Free Presets

I created these presets over the course of a year. They are great for colorful, airy feeds. They can be downloaded and used on Lightroom Mobile or Desktop. Details on how to download to your phone on the Presets page.

*These are not the presets I am currently using on my Instagram

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