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SHEIN: home

Discovering Shein last August has been the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me. The best because I now have a one stop shop for all things home and fashion for a super cheap price and worse because there's barely anything I can say no to! I always end up having a cart of 30+ items and spend more time removing items than actually shopping! The home section from Shein is definitely something to look into. It's fun and easy because 'sizes' aren't an issue. You don't need to worry about your pillow covers not working out! If you're reading this from Israel, shipping usually takes about 6 business days which is nothing considering basically all other stores!

From Shein home I ordered a lot of different items. Starting with bed covers!

This bed cover was only 100 shekels and it came with two pillow covers, a sheet and a duvet cover! I ordered it for a queen bed since I love having a queen duvet on my full size bed. It's definitely a bed cover with a more 'summer' vibe. Aside from bed covers... they also have, pillow covers!

This bed cover came from FOX home while the blanket is from Costco, but the super cute pillow is from SHEIN home! It's your standard 25x25 and yet looks huge! This pillow is my favorite. It's not only big and pink but it's also super soft and comfortable. It looks like it's amazing quality and it goes so well with all my different bed spreads. I was debating if to get two of them but the one is so cute (and huge) on its own!

These pillow covers I got for my couch. I wanted to get yellow and deep turquoise and found these two designs. So I got one of each in each color! It goes really well with my 'beachy theme with the picture above the couch and all the fun photos of Daniel and I that I 'pinterested' with yarn and clothing hangers.

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